creamy tomato rigatoni

creamy tomato rigatoni

Exposing family recipes 🥵

Hope you all love this pasta recipe as much as I do! 😍

-sauté together 3 cloves of garlic and one spoon of chilli flakes in some olive oil
– once the garlic has browned, add in half a large onion diced
– then add in one spoon of oregano, and rosemary
– once the onions have cooked down, add in about 1cup crushed tomatoes, and one tsp sugar
– then add in about 1/2 cup milk and whatever cheese you prefer. I used 1/2 cup mozzarella
– add in about a half cup of pasta water and let that simmer all together.
– if the consistency is too thick you can always add water
– then add salt to taste and enjoy!

Source: @feeedmi

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